About Us

My TSP Vision is a research firm that provides investment analysis and market commentary to investors all across the country. Our firm has over fifty years of combined experience in the financial industry helping investors prepare and succeed in retirement.

Over the last two years My TSP Vision has been conducting research on the Thrift Savings Plan and we have been able to push the envelope on TSP reporting, monitoring, and ultimately allocation strategies.

Although we have been assisting clients in the public sector for over thirty years now we are thrilled to be able to help educate and train federal employees how to maximize their TSP.

Our Experience

We have a combined 50 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Investment Research & Analytics
  • Federal Benefits
  • Meeting Retirement Income Goals

Personalized Service

We do not try to time the markets or make predictions on investment decisions with TSP. Leave that to the magic eight ball. TSP is such an important component of your retirement and needs to be taken seriously.

Why choose us

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    Financial success requires more than contributing to your TSP. It requires that you make good investment choices and make sure that they continue to meet your needs as the economy and your lifestyle change. We provide the tools to allow you to allocate your TSP into a mix of funds that are appropriate for the level of risk within your comfort zone. Our researchers and analytic team studies the markets, the economy, along with trends, and makes TSP revisions accordingly.

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    In addition, we can help you understand your federal benefits package and help you to optimize these benefits. A successful retirement means that you are required to take action and responsibility for the outcome. If you are not a professional in the financial industry, how do you make the right decisions on such important issues? Join our members to experience a sense of peace and satisfaction that you are progressing on the path to retirement success.

Brad KasperLSA Portfolio Analytics

Brad helped create Life Strategies Analytics in 2006 and has also been a part of the Kasper Steck Wealth Management team since 2004. His experience includes extensive work in personal financial analysis, asset allocation, and retirement planning.

Brad is a licensed and practicing financial advisor and holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®). As a graduate of the University of Maryland – College Park, with a BA in Economics, Brad is now pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Brad's name and financial commentaries have appeared in Investment News, Financial Planning Magazine, The Kansas City Star, and is a frequent guest of America’s Wealth Management Show, a national radio show designed to help investors in retirement.

Often asked to speak on subjects related to retirement planning and investment management, Brad has addressed many corporations, organizations and the public at large on topics such as, "How to prepare for Retirement?", "How to invest in volatile markets?" and "Retirement Income and Money Management: How does it all work?"