How it Works

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    Complete your Account Profile info by clicking here.
 Once completed, you will be taken to a page where
 you will enter your current TSP allocation.

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    With your personal TSP allocation in the system, you will be able to:

     A. See a stress test of your portfolio

     B. Access a portfolio review which compares your allocation to other possible options

     C. Complete a risk assessment questionnaire to determine
 how your current allocation matches your risk tolerance

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    Now that you have matched your risk tolerance to your
 recommended allocation, it’s time to make the change in your TSP. Click here to go directly to

Our Research

Market Index Analysis

We utilize an institutionally based analytical process that reviews and analyzes over 52,000 indices, including:

  • MSCI/S&P/Russell/Citigroup
  • Domestic and international equities
  • Developed and emerging markets
  • US and global fixed income markets

Mutual Fund Tracking

We analyze performance of over 20,000 mutual funds, including open-end mutual funds, ETFs, and money market accounts.

Economic Climate

We monitor over 250 economic indicators that may impact your portfolio.

Other Investment Products

We also analyze over 6,000 investment products, including SMAs and hedge funds.